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thrive in the joy of discovery.
don’t just advice , we walk with you on the path.
own your outcomes.

Our Positioning Approach:

Positioning Discovery

The company, consumer and category immersion to develop a differentiated and sharp positioning intent for your product/company.

  • Idea/Early Stage Companies
  • New Entrants/Extension
  • New Market
  • New LOB

Positioning Alignment

Sharpen your positioning statement, messaging, tonality and identity, align it across your marketing and service outreach, before you spend and reach out at scale.

  • About to spend at scale
  • Entering Mass Media
  • Entering New Market
  • New Media
  • New Distribution Channel
  • Campaign Launch
  • M&A
  • Product Extension


Re-invigorate and refresh your brand for a new lease of market creation.

  • Rapid disruption In category, consumer behaviour, technology.
  • New Age Competition.
  • Shift in Frame of Reference.
  • Appeal to a newer market/audience.
  • Add new dimensions to offering arrest de-growth and channel partner disinterest.

Our Cognoleague of Industry, Market, and Functional experts are there to provide the right data, insights, and advice to our partners.

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