Why do You Need a Marketing and Branding Strategy?

Just as a cook collects all the ingredients to prepare a delicious cuisine, a Brand Development Consultant collects all the data, facts, and perspectives to chart out a strategic roadmap for the brand. 

A bad product or service with good marketing fails fast, a great product with poor marketing fails to gather enough adoption quick enough and eventually starves itself of genuine users, feedback, and endorsements.

Marketing thus plays a critical role in the adoption and growth of a brand. 

Before we get there, let’s look at a brand that, to begin with, is all about you, who you are, and what you stand for.

Strategic brand-building looks at the critical aspects of how you would position and establish a relevant and genuine differentiation. It helps in building long-term customer loyalty.  As stats imply, the emotional connection of consumers with brands fetches more than 300% of the lifetime value (LTV) and the brands’ insurance against the rising media spending and deep discounting.

Marketing strategy is about; you start communicating about your product and your brand. A Marketing Advisor is responsible for your critical metrics like your brand’s awareness and recall scores. How do you leverage various platforms and touchpoints that your users spend time on? A communication plan makes a brand familiarize with the market and drives salience by communicating about the benefits of usage. 

We Help You Transcend the Market

A brand strategy development exercise requires a lot of preparatory groundwork.  It takes in-depth research, knowledge, and experience.

Denovo builds on an understanding of the customers, and the competitive landscape and brings to the forefront the core values of the brand in a meaningful manner. 

 At Denovo, our brand research consultancy is expert in positioning, repositioning, examine 4 key important filters to finetune the right approach:

  1. Brand Intent
  2. Category relevance
  3. Audience connect
  4. Differentiation

There is a great joy in discovery when brand builders become custodians of the customer in positioning discovery exercises as they build their brand strategy.

Skyrocket Your Brand with Us

A Brand is successful when consumers select your product or service out of the myriad of others already available in the market. Denovo is here to make your brand stand out:

Our services:

  • Positioning Discovery
  • Brand Development 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Repositioning -Value Reframing
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Consumer And Category Understanding
  • Segmentation, Opportunity, And Scale
  • Communication And Content Strategy
  • We have a proven approach for both established and emerging industries to build and leverage differentiated value. Our marketing consultants are experienced in working with B2B, D2C, MNCs, SMEs, and startups to deliver exceptional ROI. 

Get in touch with us now to schedule a discovery call. Let us collaborate to build a great brand together!